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Sunday, May 28, 2006 



Abigail  Evelyn Titmuss (born 8 September 1976)  embodies what needs to be done to become a celebrity in modern day Britain sleep around,make a  sex tape and have a damn good publicist in Max Clifford.She was born in the sleepy town of  Sleaford, Lincolnshire, where she went to school. She lived in the village of Ruskington.

Bearing in mind that only a few years ago  her job decription as a Nurse with the NHS required her serving grumpy old pensioners and patients her rise to fame has been trully out of this world.She first became public Knowledge when her then-boyfriend, TV presenter John Leslie, was accused of raping another woman  thought the charges were subseqently droped she became tabloid fodder and was viewed by the media a s  the Dutiful girlfriend standing by her man.Her  supposed photogenic looks and calm in front  of the camera earned her a presenting job on Adult oriented channel Television X, and  a presenting slot the acclaimed daytime show   Richard & Judy. She lost that job when a home sex video of Leslie, Titmuss and another woman found its way onto the Internet.


abi titmuss is a silly skank dat smeels her mothers underware all day just to be on the news she is a twisted minded lesbian who needs a big fat slap

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